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We are delighted to say we are coming to the end of our online programme that has kept club members active and involved during Lockdown.

Please click here to see our SAFE RETURN TO TRAMPOLINING INFORMATION - this needs to be read in conjunction with your email information (these are being circulated week commencing Mon 13th July)

In the Meantime - here is our last 2 weeks of activities

 Timetable Last 2 Weeks


In Orbit Leaderboard. Here is an overview of the members who have got involved in the most activities during our In Orbit Programme...


Engagement A M J



Engagement Full Leaderboard 1



Before you start please read the club waiver below. We politely request that all members and their families respect the information included in the waiver.

Waiver PDF

How you can stay in touch....

We have designed a timetable to maintain a level of routine to the week.
All of the groups and members will have the chance to stay in touch with their coach and peers using the online communication platform ZOOM. For some of our other members we will also be using SKYPE.

We will continually review the timetable as and when is required and this will include a variety of themes and activities

For active sessions make sure you have a suitable amount of space to take part. We have designed the sessions to take place in a small space/on the spot. Family members are welcome to join in too

Staying Active, Keeping in Touch

We have created a number of resources to help our members stay active during this time. These resources are completely optional. We are encouraging all members to get involved and send photos, completed resources etc to us. The club will be running a competitive element to these resources - so please get involved as much as you can. We welcome all family members getting involved and if safe and applicable to do so.

Garden Games

We will post a variety of fun games to do in your garden.

Here is the first game: Collection Game. We have posted a 'How to'  video in the 'In Orbit' Facebook group or you can request a copy from the club.

We have provided a Record Sheet for you. (Please click on the image below to view in pdf)
You can be take part for fun, competition against your family or just try to improve your own times



Family Fitness

We have provided a family fitness challenge. This has been designed so that a high percentage of our members with different abilities can take part.
Below are 3 documents - click each image to view in pdf:

  1. Family Fitness Overview (Words only)
  2. Family Fitness Overview (With visuals)
  3. Family Fitness Tick sheet

We will post variations to the challenges so please keep coming back to the website to check.
Further fitness, conditioning and stretching ideas will be added regularly.

IN ORBIT Family Fitness 1 Fitness Sheets 1 Visual 1 IN ORBIT Family Fitness Tick Sheet


Feeling less energetic - Rainy Day Activities

Each of our coaches have been designing mini challenges for our members. Please submit your completed challenges via the online link, email or Facebook or Instagram. Every challenge submitted will go into a draw and prizes will be awarded. Click on the links below....

The Abi Challenge - Wordsearch

The Lauren Challenge - Colouring

The Mia Challenge - Wordsearch

The Katie Challenge - Wordsearch

The Sophie Challenge - Emoji Quiz

The Charlotte Challenge - Wordsearch

The Abbie-Ninja Challenge - Create a crazy golf course at home - Head over to the Facebook In Orbit Group or Instagram page to see how




2 Different Options.

Large - Multi-directional, crossover letters etc
Small - No words overlap or go backwards or diagonal

Please send us photos of your completed wordsearches

Wordsearch Trampolining 1 SM Wordsearch Trampolining 1 LG


Colouring In

Colouring in 1  Colouring in 2

New content will be added throughout the 'In Orbit' time. We would like to hear your feedback. We understand that not every resource will be suitable for every member but we want to ensure that each member can participate in some way. If you/person you support has been unable to take part please get in touch and advise how we can make our resources more inclusive.

Social Media Policy