After reading the information below if you would like to join the club or come and try one of our sessions, please contact us on the email/number below and complete one of our online forms - please see the link below:
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: (01457) 860555

Is there a space?

The sessions have waiting lists. Please email the club to ensure there is a place prior to attending.

All of our classes are currently full but most classes will have availability in September 2019 (week commencing 16th Sept)

How much will it cost?
  • First/Taster Session - £8.00 (A Registration Form is completed prior to this session - please see the link at the bottom of the page)
  • Second session - £28 insurance is payable on this session and the price of the session - £8.00.
  • If you join part way through a month each subsequent session will cost £8.00 until the start of the next month where the monthly cost applies - see below. We will provide all of the details you need when you join.

Information to help you activate the online insurance:

  • The parent or carer has to register first
  • Then add the gymnast
  • Select that they are part of a club
  • Club name is: High Peak Trampolining and Rebound Therapy Club
  • Ensure you read everything including the pop up terms and conditions and complete the process all the way through until the end.
  • This has to be completed by the parent or carer - we are not able to do this on your behalf. You will not be asked for payment - this comes direct to us and we pay collectively on your behalf.
Monthly Fees - Compulsory

The club runs sessions for a minimum of 41 weeks per year - £28.00 per month. (Prices are reviewed annually every September)

This fee is payable at all times by standing order. Due to insurance we are unable to offer the place to somebody else while during holidays/other occasions, so the fee pays for the place. If you leave part way through a season (September - September) you pay for the last full month you attended. (eg. If you leave on 15th March - the full March fees are required)
We do run a slightly adjusted timetable during school holidays to allow all of our members to access a variety of sessions and meet other club members from different sessions. These are always communicated by email and Facebook prior to each holiday.
To reduce the admin time and to ensure we spend as much of the session as possible on coaching all fees are payable by standing order ONLY.

Insurance/Membership - Compulsory

Following the first session, if the gymnast decides they wish to join the club they will have to pay an annual membership/insurance fee – see below for details.The insurance is paid to the club who pay it to British Gymnastics on your behalf. It is an annual cost which runs from 1st October-30th September
The cost from October 2018 - Sept 2019 is £28 (This includes BG insurance of £19 and club membership of £9).
If the gymnast joins the club part of the way through the year the costs still apply due to the way British Gymnastics run their insurance system. The fee would then be payable again ready for the new year in October.


What clothing is required? 

Due to the nature of the sport and the equipment it is essential that the following code is adhered to.

  • Soft clothes that do not have buttons, zips or toggles on as these can get caught in the trampoline
  • Hair that can tie up must be tied up. Mid/Short length hair that does not tie up must be half tied up or the main fringe gripped back. Please avoid hard headbands or bobbles with accessories on.
  • ALL Jewellery MUST be removed. If a gymnast has their ears pierced, they will not be allowed on the trampoline until their earrings can be taken out. We take a break at Christmas every year, so we advise this is the best time to avoid having to miss sessions – please be aware that if you miss the sessions for this reason, then the monthly fees still apply to keep your space.
  • Socks must be worn at all times.

We do sell club clothing in our shop - please pop in and have a look and take an order form. We highly recommend purchasing a club t-shirt to ensure suitable clothing is worn. These are £10 each.

Other essential information.
  • Please arrive 5-10 mins before the start of your session to ensure the sessions starts on time and the whole warm up can be completed.
  • Each gymnast must bring their own refillable water bottle - no fizzy or energy drinks.
  • Please understand that a lot of our coaching techniques and promotion use photography and videos so if you choose not to allow your child to be included on photographs they will be asked not to be included on team photos and similar photography.
  • Please ensure you provide any relevant medical information that may affect each gymnasts involvement in the trampolining activity.

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