The Gym Inc Programme is run by High Peak Trampolining & Rebound Therapy Club and led by coaches with gymnastic disciplines and specific inclusion based qualifications & experience.

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Inclusive gymnastics sessions. We have 3x sessions per week for different age groups.


These sessions are suitable for children, young people & adults who require a small group setting which is not as busy as a mainstream session but allows interaction with other people. We do offer 1:1 sessions of Rebound Therapy, Trampolining or Floor Based activities if these would be more suitable - please contact us for more information

Gym Inc ASTEROID 6 - 10 years  Thursday (Term TIme Only)  5:05pm - 6:05pm £25 Per month & £29 Annual Insurance

Gym Inc SUPERSONIC 11 years+

 Wednesday (Term Time Only)  5:30pm - 6:30pm £25 Per month & £29 Annual Insurance
 Gym Inc AIR 18 years+  Wednesday (44 Weeks per year)  10:30am - 12:00pm £36 Per month & £29 Annual Insurance
Fees are paid by standing order on 1st of every month and are paid all year round - the prices are averaged out over the 12 month period

Sessions in the first month can be paid per session - they are £8.00 (Asteroid/Supersonic) and £10 (Air)

The sessions will be a small group structured coaching session focusing on the disciplines of Trampolining and Freestyle & Floor Gymnastics incorporating games and fun activities. We advise you contact us prior to attending the first session so we can discuss yours or your childs needs. We would also like to request that you fill in one of our online forms so we have relevant information about each participant. British Gymnastics insurance is required for these sessions. We will provide all of the information you need when you join. Taster sessions can be accessed prior to signing up with the club/insurance.


Each group will get the opportunity to perform at our annual SHOWCASE event. (Subject to Covid-19 restrictions)

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