1:1 Trampolining, Rebound Therapy, Floor Gymnastics

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We provide the opportunity of 1:1 Trampolining/Gymnastics at various times during the week (subject to availability). These sessions are suitable for anyone, but they may be of particular interest to:

  • Adults who would like to learn the basics before joining a group session
  • Club gymnasts who would like extra sessions to focus on a particular skill
  • People with disabilities or additional needs (5 years - Adult)

If you think you may be interested in arranging a 1:1 session, please contact us to arrange a discussion and time.

Prices will vary depending on frequency and the length of the session. A standard weekly 15 minute session will be £26 per month. An annual membership/insurance of £25 is also required for regular attendees. (N/A to Existing High Peak Trampolining Club/British Gymnastics Members).

All sessions will be delivered by British Gymnastics certificated coaches who all have additional sporting and inclusion based qualifications.

1:1 Martial Arts

We are now able to offer 1:1/small group sessions teaching basic martial arts. These sessions will include learning strikes in fresh air, on pads and with a realistic target. There will also be the opportunity to learn some self-defence skills against common attacks and grabs. The sessions can be tailored to an individuals needs and focus on any particular aspect they wish to learn/improve.

Martial arts can help improve fitness, co-ordination, balance, flexibility and much more. The sessions are run by an instructor with over 14 years experience in a variety of martial arts disciplines including kickboxing and karate, and who has more than 10 years of coaching experience.

These sessions are suitable for anyone from 5 years old to adult, from complete beginners to those with some martial arts background.

The sessions are also suitable for people with additional needs- please just contact us via the Abigail PAige Coaching Services Facebook page or on (01457) 860555 to discuss this with the instructor.

The sessions can run between 15 and 45 minutes long either as regular or irregular sessions. Costs will very but as a guide £26 monthly for a weekly 15 minute session.